Betsy B.



Flight Attendant


San Diego, CA

Current Location

San Diego

Fenix Fitness Client Since




Workout Frequency

1-3 times a week depending on schedule

What motivated you to start working out with a personal trainer? 

I felt like I was not really pushing myself and wanted some guidance on how to get a better workout.

What made you choose Fenix Fitness? 

I walked in one day in the way home from the store. Tom was working out, stopped his workout to talk with me. I was very impressed by that. 

What is your favorite part about your Fenix Fitness training session? 

Every session at Fenix Fitness is different. Each time I go to the gym the workouts are different. I like the variety. 

Has Tom helped you achieve or continue to achieve your fitness goals and are you happy with the results? 

Tom has definitely helped me to achieve my goals and to help me reach new goals, one of which was training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and which I was successful. Recently I had an issue with my arm that I hurt at work. I walked into the gym, told Tom about it and in a second he was able to do a different workout so as not to further injure my arm. I am so thankful that I met Tom. He is an excellent trainer, listener and person. He watches to make sure that my form is correct so that I am getting the most out of every workout. He is patient, shows you the moves, and sometimes if it takes me a little bit longer to “get” something, I don’t feel embarrassed because he takes the time to make sure that I do the exercises the correct way. I am so happy with the way that my body has changed. I look forward to going to Fenix Fitness.