Michael M.



Certified Integrative Life Coach by the Ford Institute


Long Island, NY

Current Location

San Diego

Fenix Fitness Client Since

Sept 2016



Workout Frequency

Twice a week

What motivated you to start working out with a personal trainer? 

“I needed to take my workouts to the next level and couldn’t do it on my own. I also needed to get my numbers down according to my doctor.”

What made you choose Fenix Fitness? 

They were recommended from a friend and after talking on the phone I was in.

What is your favorite part about your Fenix Fitness training session? 

Planks…. Kidding!! Spending time in a space that feels comfortable and being guided by an expert that walks the talk. 

Has Tom helped you achieve or continue to achieve your fitness goals and are you happy with the results? 

Yes they have, also nutrition goals, that is one of the things that sets them apart, you get the fitness and the nutrition results. Tom created a strict meal plan for me that I follow daily. Tom also gave me an activity and workout plan for every day of the week. Tom has a great ability to push you and make you feel heard all at the same time. He needs to learn to count… Kidding... I love that about him! :) Seriously, this is the best trainer and private gym around San Diego. I love that they created a space where you can go at your own pace and be served up the options to achieve your goals. They are awesome!